Television Dads Who Embody Sussman’s Own

This piece originally appeared at Sussman Auto, a regional car dealership in southeastern Pennsylvania with six locations. 

Father’s Day is upon us and at Sussman Auto we wanted to reflect on some of the best silver screen influences we’ve encountered. We know there are tons of ways to identify with a Honda, Hyundai, Acura, Kia, or Mazda through the lifestyles we enjoy in southeastern Pennsylvania. And for as many as there are, there are an equal amount of TV dads who remind us of our own.


If your dad raised you by himself and always kept the crumbs from piling up, seeing Danny Tanner in old episodes of Full House on Nick-at-Nite might be what brings on the warm fuzzies. He taught us some of the finer things in life, like how to iron a tie while wearing it and the best motion for mopping. But more than that, he always knew how to cue the sentimental music and deliver a message from the heart.

Luke Danes of Gilmore Girls was rougher than Danny around the edges, sure, but he taught the same love. Most frequently an uncle by blood and a dad by devotion, he represents all the father figures out there who like to keep it simple and sharply let you know when it isn’t. With how he ran his diner he also imparted to us how to run a tight ship. That’s something we can all appreciate when the daily grind starts to get messy.

When you come from the family with more moving parts than you can remember, Phil Dunphy is a great example of how to shine the light on what togetherness is all about. He portrays the balance between lighthearted silliness and the ability to be earnest when everyone needs it most. Sometimes he shows it through unmatched passion for cheering; at others, it could be about the perfect way to wash someone’s hair. But it’s always about feeling as comfortable as possible in your own skin, and that’s a lesson everyone can learn.

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Whether your family is a traditional one or not there is bound to be a father figure in it who knows how to read the moment. That’s a lead Sussman Auto tries to follow every day, and why we offer five makes in Honda, Hyundai, Acura, Kia, and Mazda. As you encounter southeastern Pennsylvania this Father’s Day, we wish you equal compassion for every mile you travel.

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