Three Reasons the Acura MDX is Better Than the Magic Carpet

This piece originally appeared at Sussman Auto, a regional car dealership in southeastern Pennsylvania with six locations. 

We’ve all been there: cruising over the sand on our magic carpet, showing loved ones the world in all its shining, shimmering splendor, with pet monkey in tow, and then bam! A windstorm picks up and knocks you to the ground or a thoughtless boulder sits right on top of you. Jafar stands in delight, twisting his mustache. The moment is dashed.

If only you had an Acura MDX.

Car and Driver

With standard features like all-wheel drive and 290 horsepower, the MDX is designed to help you through tough storms and other untimely bits of nature. But those aren’t the only treats it offers in helping you escape, whether it’s from Jafar’s grasp in the middle of Agrabah or the daily grind of your southeastern Pennsylvania stomping grounds.

LED foglights help you cut through reflective moisture in the air. Fog can pop up around any corner but when you can flip a switch to combat it, you’ll be able to steer clear from becoming trapped in enormous hourglasses. They also extend visibility beyond standard lights so you can feel safer in inclement weather, even when evil genies are trying to keep you from getting home.

Smartphone integration in the Acura MDX is a big reason gives its technology a four-star rating. IPhone users will find it particularly strong as the Siri Eyes Free function lets you make the most of your tech. In addition to helping you safely make and receive calls it also reads text messages aloud and can send them with voice control. You can keep your hands on the wheel because the MDX’s smartphone integration is more responsive than even the best Shakespearean henchman parrot.

Heated and ventilated seats also aid your comfort on the way back to your palace. You can keep your cool whether you’re sitting in standstill traffic on the Schuykill or the stifling July heat. When you’re moving, triple pane windows minimize white noise from outside and the easy V6 engine lets you keep your focus on the road ahead of you. Those are traits the magic carpet could never claim.

With a feature-rich design the Acura MDX from Sussman Auto treats its drivers like royalty. And we’re not the only ones who live it — Edmund’s gave the 2017 Acura MDX a 4-star review.

A whole new world in southeastern Pennsylvania or beyond could be just a short trek away for you and your family. Check our inventory online and visit this week to test drive the MDX for yourself.