For the last eight years, I’ve been an educator at nearly every level from 6th to 12th grade. At the heart of my classroom grew my ability to create and manage long-term messaging projects with diverse learners through writing. My work focused on crafting step-by-step plans to make it happen, and it always started with one question: How do we…?”

How do we…listen so people are actually heard?

How do we…read so the words exist beyond the page?

How do we…build an easily understood message from a beautifully abstract concept or feeling?

The more I explored these questions with writing, the more ways I found to answer them and help others do the same.

Now I use my writing to help other professionals the same way I’ve helped students: by making sure their message reaches exactly the right people. In fact, I already have by providing a voice in the fields of law, software, family auto, baseball, and comics. So how can I help you?

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