On Writing a Comic, Part 2

Another month, another On Writing A Comic.

I’ve shared lots on Instagram (@WithGreatExpectations) about an idea for a novel I intended to call Of the Night. Over the summer I determined that with words I was only telling half of the story and, at that moment, decided Of the Night would instead be a comic.

This is the second monthly installment of updates on highs and lows of the process. Below, I’ve categorized common feelings I get when writing by putting them in pairs – like ratios. They may not always be 1:1 but I do consider them equals.


The reality is only a tiny bit of writing for Of the Night occurred in the last month. As you know, the first issue is set. This is what makes the second one endearing – the truth of proof, if you will. It’s very clear to me that I’ve got a story and that I can do it. That doesn’t make me or it impervious to delay, though. Coming home from a day job and pulling a second shift is hard but what I’ve come to know is that doesn’t make it any less possible. And sometimes, some priorities just shout louder than others, and that’s okay.


Issue two starts out the same way issue one ends: not at all how I imagined. It feels good to be able to recognize an opportunity that the story presents and take advantage of it. And it’s the format that did it. Having to consider how the audience will see it has made a huge difference when writing. I question how long this enjoyment can last though. I don’t want to drive with it until I’m on fumes and end up on an empty tank.

Hard Love:easy acceptance

I can beat myself up all I want over not having more of the book done. It doesn’t write any more words on the page. I think about Of the Night a lot, I think about delivering a jarring story that lingers with readers, I think about it providing an outlet and curiosity to them. And I want the story to be those things for me, too. It’s what drives me to keep writing and why I’ve shifted the dedicated time slot for Of the Night to the weekend, so as to better cooperate with 2nd shift.

Be sure to check back next month for the third update on Of the Night, and the weeks in between for other fun comic explorations.


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