Wednesday Whittling: Let’s Play a Name Game!

Names in comics always have the potential to fascinate. It could be a character’s real name or their alter ego. Either way it defines them, just as our names define you and me. We get gifted ones like Signal Man and Crazy Quilt, or more debonair ones like Oliver Queen and Matt Murdock and Natasha Romanov. And as I thought about this week’s Whittling, I wanted to play a game.

I’m going to list real and fake superhero/villain names, each with a short description. You have to guess if it’s true or false, and then you’ll get to see answers at the end. Keep score but make sure you’re not doing it like Homer Simpson at golf.

1.       Fin Fang Foom: he’s a dragon-alien who flies at supersonic speeds, spits acid, and (duh) has super strength. What kind of alien would he be if he didn’t have super strength?

2.       Codpiece: He gets told a hard truth about the size of his genitalia and takes it to heart. He has a suit that includes a Go-Go Gadget Codpiece and uses it to rob banks.

3.       Truck’em: A snowplow driver gets involved in a collision. His company is sued and he loses his job, and he repurposes a stolen plow as armor and uses it to inflict pain on others he deems have wronged him.

4.       Walrus: A cabbie’s uncle experiments and makes his nephew into a mutant with super strength and according agility of a walrus. He has a layer of blubber to keep him warm in freezing water which separates him from the law.

5.       Made Man: He gets set up by members of his own mob family and takes the fall on a racketeering rap. He bides his time in prison by planning how to exact his revenge. He gets out and wreaks havoc on them.

6.       Whizzer: A speedster with killer reflexes. He gains his powers after an emergency medical procedure when bit by a cobra.

7.       Miss Terious: A woman with guile and guise. She takes to crime and eludes the law at an amazing rate – so fast she leaves a calling card that describes her nature and fierce feminimity.

Wait for it…

Wait for it…….

Wait for it………

Ready for the answers? Here they are!

1.       Real

2.       Real

3.       Fake

4.       Real

5.       Fake

6.       Real

7.       Fake

All of these are hilarious. It’s incredible to me that any of them are real. Whizzer kills me. It really does. And Codpiece, holy butt, would Shakespeare be proud. And Walrus – who thinks of that back story?!

Names inherently become synonymous with something. That comics do it with such…flare? is one of the reasons they’re so endearing. So please, Comics, keep ‘em coming.


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