Crap phrase

Since I got my first real grown human man person job in August, I’ve heard “reinvent the wheel” about 7,000 times. Maybe more. And I don’t despise a phrase more right now.

I dislike it even more when someone says “Don’t reinvent the wheel.” There are a few reasons for that:

1. It’s presumptuous that I know how the wheel was made. Sure, I know it exists, but maybe I want to find out how it’s made for myself. Existence shouldn’t be taken for granted. That’s probably how we lose it. 

2. It’s intended to say “don’t make your efforts futile,” but I don’t know why we don’t just say “don’t make your efforts futile.” If we’re trying to be creative, I’d like to think we can do better. 

3. It smacks of professional jargon. Professional jargon is a tree in a forest that no one cares about if it falls down. If my mind didn’t default to circus music during these conversations as if it were on a timer, it would be endorsing slash-and-burn techniques to kill it with fire. 

Can you feel the edge of your tongue right now? I can’t. I sure do get salty sometimes. 

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